A Bus Bucks Party in Sydney

A huge night for any soon-to-be groomed male

Here is what you need to know for your Bucks Party in Sydney

Bucks party in Sydney is a huge night for any soon-to-be groom. It is a rite of passage, as well as something of a once in a lifetime iconic milestone experience for a man who is just about to get married. There is, however, some lack of creativity in recent years when it comes to these bucks parties, which are often identical. Just like anything else, a bucks party in Sydney and Liverpool must be invested with some time and effort in order to be unique and superior to others.

So, are you the best man? Are you in charge of organizing a bucks party in Sydney or Parramatta? Well, you’ve definitely got quite some responsibility on your shoulders. The most important goal you must set is to pull the best bucks party ever. This may require some time and effort on your part, but it will all be worth it at the end. The old days were all about getting bucks pissed, bruised and laid as a final night of freedom before getting officially married. Though, current time bring a much-enhanced celebration that is made of the guys getting together and making sure great relationships maintain themselves after the wedding. If you’re searching for the ultimate bucks party – then you definitely want to hire Benda party bus! There are plenty of great bucks night ideas in Sydney.

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Male Events, Bucks & Birthday Parties

  • Prices starting from 1 Hour transfer on 30 seat bus $1150
  • Prices starting from 1 Hour transfer on 22 seat bus $950
  • Option of 22 seat bus or larger 30 seat bus
  • Minimum 15 people per booking (recommended)
  • 1hrs minimum per booking
  • Free soft drinks, Water, Cups & Ice is provided
  • Transfer one way or return

Why you should have your bucks party on The Benda Party Bus ?

We, at Benda, decided to bring Las Vegas to Sydney’s streets, by implementing the former’s unique party methods. Our party buses are practically second to none. If you are more than 18 years old, then you can definitely enjoy the best intimate night out. You may decide to remain on board or make use of the Benda Bus to arrive to the event or function officially as the bucks party itself. When entering the bus itself, it’s like entering the planet’s biggest limo, one where the party options are limitless – dance your night away or just chill out and relax. The choice is yours!

You can drive around or park the bus up. Whichever option you ultimately choose, we’ve set everything on board the incredible Benda Bus for a special unforgettable bucks party in Sydney. Whatever your specific desires are, this fantastic 30-seater will make your bucks party in Campbelltown a night to remember!

When hiring a Benda party bus for your bucks party in Sydney, know that you’re getting an on-board bathroom, along with custom seats & seat belts, stainless steel handles, and a professional driver who has the required experience to take care of the wheel. Obviously, we want all members of the bucks party in Sydney and Parramatta to party as hard as possible, but we are also very responsible.

Bucks Party in Sydney Via a Party Bus – Benefits

  • Economical: In the vast majority of cases, it is extremely economical to make use of our party bus instead of driving several private vehicles. When the various removed hassles of the party are considered, the overall money savings can really end up being substantial.
  • Safer: When adults make use of our party bus rentals for their bucks party in Sydney, then it is definitely a much smarter & safer option to have somebody else on the wheel. This effectively ensures that everybody can have a great time and put aside any drinking concerns.
  • Logistical Simplicity: It is undoubtedly simpler to place the entire party into one bus and have everybody stay together during its multiple stops along the way. When our party buses are used, everybody arrives at the same exact time.

At the end of the day, every single trip is unique. Though, one thing is certain – what happens on the Benda Bus stays on the Benda Bus! Start planning your unforgettable bucks party in Sydney today. Email or call us at 0438 2 BENDA (0438 223 632).

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