Transfer to events/venues

  • Prices starting from $30 per person for 1 hour transfer
  • Minimum 15 people per booking
  • Soft drinks provided.
  • Enquire regarding BYO alcohol.

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Event Transfers in Sydney by Benda Party Bus

Special events in life need to be remembered well. These are events that occur once in a year or just once in somebody’s lifetime. Such events like party festivals, school graduation or just a school formal. These are events that people want to have their best moments and keep a lifetime memory. Sometime event transfers can be going to a footy match final, or even to a wedding. Special transportation is one way to make such events more thrilling. Rarely in life will you get the chance to ride a bus limousine? This is where our event transfers services come into play. For residents within Sydney, Australia, The Benda Bus limo service will give you a lasting experience as you move from one place to another.

For those seeking the ultimate experience, The Benda Party Bus in Sydney will offer you the chanced to ride in the most luxurious bus in Australia. We are the first company to produce the first ever luxurious bus to drive through Sydney, Liverpool, Campbelltown and Parramatta. This is the bus that brings the Las Vegas way of partying to the streets of Sydney. It will bring you the needed attention with clients allowed to give their thoughts on the type of interior design they feel will suit their party atmosphere. This is one bus that assures safety and gives customers the chance to party all the way to their destination.

Unlike most people may themselves thinking, the bus limo is more than just a party bus. It offers more service on various events like graduation and school events. So what exactly are customers looking to get from the bus company? The following event transfers in Sydney are offered.

  • Party services; the bus engages in offering transportation in various types of parties. We have heard clients in almost all kinds of parties who have been fully satisfied and recommended us to their friends. The most parties that we have service include;
    • Hens parties
    • Corporate parties
    • Celebration parties
    • Birthday births
    • Buck parties
  • We also offers transportation for graduates on their day of graduation.
  • School formal events
  • Festival transfers

Simply put, the bus service is your ideal choice when it comes to any special transportation for a special occasion. Customers can enjoy their best times in a cool and comfortable environment and get to their destination safely.

Why choose Benda bus limo service event transfers

There is nothing cool as traveling in a group whenever you’re heading for a special events. There will be no delays as all the people attending the party will arrive at the same time. The bus makes a grand entrance helping kick start the party mood. Furthermore, you will be driven by the most experienced driver who understands the Sydney, Liverpool, Parramatta and Campbell town much better than anybody else. Whether moving from Parramatta to Sydney, you are assured of safety and comfy environment.

We work within the law to protect both our customers and ourselves. As much as we allow their customers to have the best times of their life, we encourage responsible drinking to help maintain our customers throughout the party and keep them safe.

Event transfers need to have some level of class. The bus is the most luxurious bus so far in the whole of Australia and there is nothing as cool as having a ride of your own once in a lifetime. The bus gives your party some level of classy feel making it be the talk of town. The photos taken will be talk of the days to come as friends and relatives who did not manage to come will envy you and wish they had made it.

Most may have themselves thinking they will need thousands to have a ride in this bus. Well, this is not the case; the bus offers very affordable rates that most people can afford. There are several party bus packages that are meant to suit any occasion. Apart from these packages, there are several special promotions that customers are offered.


There is nothing much better when having a party or any event than getting a cool means of transportation. The Benda bus event transfers service is your ideal choice that promises to live up to expectation. If planning to hold any party or event soon and wish to be transported by the best, give us a call on 0438 223 632 and our well trained staff will answer any questions you might have. You can also send us an email at and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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