School Formal Party Bus Transport

Get ready to share the best time of your life with your school buddies

As far as high school goes, there’s nothing bigger than the School Formal. It’s the event of the year and probably your young life.

This is where it all happens. Beyond all the glamour and high voltage dances, broken hearts, and dreams that come into reality, the school formal provides the perfect platform to get together with your buddies and share the best time of your life. The school formal event has evolved over time from a simple ceremony ending with a slow dance with your significant other to a huge event that is not very different in stature from a wedding. From exclusive bespoken suits, party dresses from top designers, expensive beauty treatments, the current generation do not believe in leaving anything to chance when it comes to celebrating their rite of passage into adulthood.

Everybody knows that one of the most crucial aspects of a party is how you arrive. This sets the tone for your evening. Sure, you have the exquisite limousine experience, which is by now so clichéd, so overrated, and of course, way too expensive. Imagine arriving at your school formal party with your BFFs, music booming, lights flashing, and making an entry in style.

girls at their school formal

School Formal Party Transfers

  • Prices start at $55 per person per hour
  • Option of 22 seat bus or larger 30 seat bus
  • Transfer one way or return
  • Free soft drinks, Water, Cups & Ice is provided

A comprehensive package for young adults

When you book your school formal transport with Benda Bus, this is exactly what you get. Our party bus packages include everything from buck party or hen party transfers to transport services to just about any kind of event. Nothing is too big or too small.

Our most recent inclusion to our service roster is the exclusive and highly in demand school formal transfer. This service was included in acknowledgement of an overwhelming need for students to gain an affordable access to a transfer service that allows them to reach their formals in style and get back home safely. The transfer service takes into consideration every factor you would consider about getting to your school transfer. We have made a detailed study on school formal transfers and we are sure you will be amazed at what we have in store for you. All our buses are equipped with toilets, fans, a high-quality stereo system that facilitate smartphone connections, and so much more.

What do we promise?

With Bendabus as your transfer provider, you have nothing to worry about. Safety is our topmost priority. We provide you with top of the line services at amazing packages that start from $55 per person for a one-hour transfer. To book our service and avail of this fantastic package, we need a minimum booking of 15 seats. The package includes soft drinks apart from other customized services.

So, if you are on the lookout for a transfer service that provides you with a comprehensive package that spills over with fun and excitement while being amazingly affordable, your search ends here. Book your package right now to avail of exciting offers. With the huge demand for this exclusive package, you would be risking missing out on our exclusive transfer service if you postpone.

Get in touch with us right now and enquire in detail about our packages.

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