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Benda Party Bus Terms & Conditions

Last Updated – September 2023

Bookings & Fees:

All payments to Benda Party Bus are to be made via an elected credit card. All card payments incur a 2% Processing Fee.

Benda Party Bus requires a Holding Deposit of $500.00 from the total amount payable, to be paid 48 hours after making the booking. The remaining balance due is to be paid seven (7) days prior to the date of the trip.

Benda Party Bus also require a $500.00 Bond, to be returned within seven (7) business days after completion of the trip, provided there is no damage to the vehicle. In the case of any damage to the vehicle(s), Benda Party Bus reserves the right to charge costs associated with repair & maintenance of the vehicle(s) to the credit card provided.

If an at fault chargeback occurs, you may also be liable for a $30 chargeback fee.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that plans can change, and we aim to be as accommodating as possible while also ensuring the smooth operation of our services. Please take note of our cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation Period: In the event of a cancellation, the cancellation period is crucial in determining the applicable fees.
  • Cancellation Fees:
    • Cancellation Less than Seven (7) Days Prior to Booking: If you cancel your booking within seven (7) days prior to the scheduled time, a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the total price of the booking will be incurred. This means that the entire amount you paid for the booking will be non-refundable.
    • Early Cancellation. Seven (7) or More Days Prior to Your Trip: If you decide to cancel your booking seven (7) or more days in advance of your scheduled trip, a standard early cancellation fee of $250 will be applicable.
    • Full Payment in Advance: If you choose to pay the full amount in advance for your booking and cancel Seven (7) or more days before your trip, you will be entitled to a refund minus the early cancellation fee of $250. This aligns with the early cancellation policy for bookings made seven (7) or more days prior to the trip.
    • Deposit Retention: The deposit is a security deposit that is collected at the time of booking and serves the purpose of booking in a driver and administrative costs. It further serves as a guarantee for the proper use and care of our vehicles. In the case of an early cancellation, as described above, The Benda Party Bus reserves the right to retain half of your deposit ($250).
    • Refund Process: If you meet the criteria for a partial refund according to our cancellation policy, the refund process will be initiated promptly. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for the refund to be processed and reflect in your account.
    • Exceptions: In some cases, we may consider exceptions to this cancellation policy due to extenuating circumstances. Please contact our customer service team as soon as possible if you believe your situation warrants special consideration. In exceptional cases, a credit note may be offered as an alternative to a refund.
    • Rescheduling: If you wish to reschedule your booking instead of cancelling, please contact us to discuss the available options. Rescheduling may be subject to availability and additional fees, depending on the circumstances.

This policy serves to clarify our cancellation terms, in particular regarding the deposit, and helps our customers plan accordingly. At Benda Party Bus, we value our customers’ satisfaction and will endeavour to assist you with any concerns or where possible, accommodate changes to your reservation in line with our policy.

Additional Time Fees:

Additional time should be planned. Unscheduled additional time will be charged at a rate of $100 per additional hour.Extensions may not be available due to other bookings. Our drivers may refuse to extend the booking at their own discretion.

Safety Terms:

The team at Benda Party Bus take the necessary measures to ensure safety of all passengers. All passengers should remain seated whilst vehicles are in motion.
Under no circumstances should any glass items be brought onto the bus. All food and drinks should be in plastic cups or cans.

We do not take any responsibility for any injury incurred by any glass brought onto the bus without our knowledge.

Alcohol Terms:

Benda Party Bus has a strict alcohol policy.

Under no circumstances can the sale, consumption and provision of alcohol to any person/s under the age of 18 years old be made whilst on the vehicles. Evidence of this will result in immediate termination from the bus, with no refund provided.

Alcohol Terms for Formals:

Due to the nature of secondary supply laws we do not allow any alcohol on board for Formals, Socials or other under age events. We will not under any circumstance facilitate underage drinking.

A parent/guardian must also sign the terms and conditions for the aforementioned events, prior to departure.

Smoking Terms:

State Law prohibits smoking on passenger vehicles. Anyone caught doing so will be removed from the bus with no refund provided.

Unforeseeable Events

Whilst we do take the due and appropriate measures to ensure a seamless trip for our passengers, traffic, street access and other conditions are unpredictable.

Our Drivers will update you on the day of your booking as to any changes in conditions affecting your trip. If your vehicle does not arrive at the anticipated time, Benda Party Bus is not liable for any late arrival.

Offensive Guests

Guests who arrive intoxicated or under the influence of illicit drugs of any kind will be refused entry onto the bus. We reserve the right to exclude any person(s) from the bus if they become socially offensive and/or cause offence or inconvenience to others, including members of the general public.

We reserve the right to give your contact details to the appropriate authorities, in the case of any complaint or incident relating to guests onboard.

Further to this, the driver has the right to refuse any passenger(s) to board the bus, if he or she feels that the passenger(s) are aggressive or a danger to any other passenger(s), themselves or members of the public.

If a passenger(s) becomes aggressive during your booking, the driver may request that the offending person exit the vehicle. The Driver reserves the right to terminate service at any time in any extreme case. In the event of such a situation, the appropriate authorities may be contacted and no refund will be issued.

Bus Cleaning and/or Damage

If the bus requires cleaning beyond what would be normally expected (such as removing excessive spilt drink, party poppers, chewing gum or confetti), additional cleaning fees will apply. If the vehicle requires repairs as a result of your groups actions, you will be responsible for the cost of these repairs.

Benda Party Bus vehicles are custom-made, and as such any damage to the seating may incur additional costs. Damage to any electrical equipment (eg: stereo system, smoke machine, tv) may incur additional costs of up to $2000.
Our 30 Seat Benda Party Bus is equipped with a toilet that is run by a septic system, unlike an average household toilet.

DO NOT deposit feminine hygiene products, toilet paper or any other items into the toilet, as it will cause it to over flow and to clog – there is a bin provided for disposing of any waste items.
DO NOT stand on the toilet seat or the lid of the toilet.
DO NOT SMOKE in the toilet

The driver will give clear instructions on how to use the toilet facilities. The toilet will be checked on completion of the booking and any damage will be noted and reported. Any damage to the toilet may incur maintenance or repair costs of up to $1200.00

Excessive damage may incur further charges and may be reported to the Police


Sometimes we have a host on the bus who takes photos. These photos are published on our web site or social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

If you do not want these photos to be published on our web site or social media you must advise us prior to the event, during the event or after the event following your party. If you do not like any or all of your photos that are published, we are happy to remove these once notified.

Lost Property:

The Benda Bus Team does not take any responsibility for lost or stolen items.

We will contact you if any items have been found on the bus and make arrangements to have these returned. If no attempt to claim items is made within 7 days, belongings may be disposed of or donated.

Note: The individual who makes the booking will be liable and held responsible with all of the above terms & conditions once signed or agreed to online. The terms & conditions may be signed and sent back to the Benda Party Bus team by email, or alternatively, signed on the day/night of the booking. Further to this, you MUST provide photo ID on the day/night of the booking to the driver for security purposes.

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