Party Bus for Kids

Planning a party for children can be a hectic and nerve-wracking process-and to make it worse, you might not get it all right on your own

The best way to get the kids to celebrate any event is to give them an out of the world experience. Such experiences are what timeless memories are made of.

Taking a luxury bus ride around is an ideal way to get them to enjoy themselves and go beyond the clichés that are bouncing castles and swimming pools. This might be a pleasant surprise that the kids might not see coming. Our bus rides are getting popular and no one wants to be left out.

Enjoy a safe and unforgettable experience on the Benda Party Bus for kids. As a parent you will never had to worry about were your children are at, or what mischief they are up to. The Benda Bus is a safe and secure environment that the party kids can run a muck, lasers, lights, party games, smoke machines will keep them entertained for hours. They will be talking about this experience for years to come.

picture of kids at a birthday party

Party Bus for Kids Package

  • Prices start from $50 per person per hour
  • Option of 22 seat bus or larger 30 seat bus
  • Minimum  15 kids per booking (recommended)
  • Free soft drinks, Water, Cups & Ice is provided
  • Transfer one way or return

A Guaranteed way for your children to have fun, safe and secure

Have lots of fun on the way

Planning a party for children can be a hectic and nerve-wracking process-and to make it worse, you might not get it all right on your own. Our party buses are themed according to the event they have been rented out for. We believe that the ideal party bus for kids should be stacked with all sorts of fun things to do. The buses have tons of space for rowdy kids to play around in and games to keep them busy along the way. The design is one that goes all out on luxury so that the kids find it relaxing as well as exciting. Play equipment like Kee Bee pads, cargo nets and squeeze rollers are just a few of the items to keep them occupied on the ride. Soft drinks are also provided on the ride. With all the fun that kids want to have during their birthday parties, it is a good idea to have them take one of our rides and save you the trouble of cleaning up.

Safe and affordable

Our packages are affordable; everyone can find something within their budget. There are 22-seater buses as well as 30-seater options which have all the trappings of a luxury bus. With such space, you are sure that no matter the number of kids you want room for, the choice you go with is always going to be just perfect. On the pre-booked day, the bus will come at the agreed time and pick up the kids, who can be accompanied by an adult should there be need for such an arrangement. On the ride, the kids are also accompanied by our playmates that keep them safe and make sure everything is going according to plan.

The best party ever

Every child wants to have birthdays that are so fun-filled that the resulting memories abound for a long time. Our party bus for kids offer is the best way to give them the time of their lives. Any parent that has treated their kids to the luxury of one of our buses knows exactly what we are talking about. By contacting us, you can inquire about our rates and find out more. You can also book a bus through our contacts and count on us to deliver the fun. The bookings are done for a minimum of 15 people. Take this golden opportunity to impress your little ones with one of our well-equipped buses that are ready to take you to any Sidney destination you desire.

Check out our amazing affordable party bus packages. We can literally cater to any event from kids to adults. All in all the Benda Party Bus is a once in a lifetime experience.

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